Engage360 Optimization

Our Engage360 Optimization Program uses embedded analysis tools to monitor customer use and make adjustments that optimize customer engagement.


User-Flow Tracking

Engage sets up tracking tools on analyze and optimize consumer user flows. Engage installs third-party tracking and optimization software to track web and mobile consumer behavior and perform user flow optimization.  Engage also deploys custom system code to log campaign-specific marketing results and referral sources.

Landing Page Testing

Landing page optimization, the place where potential users land when responding to offers for your new solutions can make a huge difference in gaining customer adoption.  Engage works with you to develop testing plans using industry-leading testing tools to increase engagement beyond information gathering and improve adoption of your customer solutions.

Multivariate Conversion Optimization

Engage will work with you to employ industry-leading solutions to test customer conversion flows, to identify potential roadblocks to customer conversion and to develop a full testing plan that draws on our vast our expertise in digital marketing best practices and marketing consumer payment cards.

In-App Testing

Many of the same best-practices for testing on the web are now available in apps, as well.  By integrating leading-edge testing tools specifically designed for native mobile apps, Engage can help you achieve higher engagement rates and create more opportunities for increasing usage by your existing customers.


Onboarding Flow Development

Engage develops automated, self-service onboarding processes for bank customers to educate their cardholders about their new product features and benefits.

Customer Self-Service Onboarding Tools

Engage makes it easy for customers to get acquainted with your new card programs and mobile apps from the moment they sign up for your new product.  Our Onboarding process incorporates tools at multiple touch-points and in multiple channels that educate customers at their desired pace about the benefits of your product. 


Onboarding Optimization

Engage tracks and measures customer engagement in the onboarding process and constantly monitors early usage patterns to customize onboarding solutions best optimized for each bank customer’s cardholder base.

Rather than creating one-size fits all solutions, Engage learns what your customers want by monitoring how they use your solutions to best tailor the onboarding experience to highlight what's most important to them.


Use and Retention Optimization

Engage Install third party tracking and optimization software to manage customer lifecycle: including tools to: detect, analyze and proactively trigger customer outreach to improve card usage.

Usage Reporting

As part of our Engage360 platform services, Engage provides a wealth of customer insights that are actionable. From providing high-level snapshots of the overall program health, to individual insights that can help customer support move people "on the edge" of landing in a less desirable customer segment by suggesting actions that can move them back into more active usage, Engage provides multiple ways to use existing usage data and customer insights to continually improve your program usage.

Cohorting and User-Based Segmentation

From dashboards that provide a look at customer usage and lifecycle analysis by time-based cohorts to grouping customers by usage based patterns, we help you understand what's really going on with your customers, how to speak to them in a manner that keeps them engaging with your program and identifying activities that will help ensure they keep them using your solutions long into the future.

Customer Lifecycle Management Tools

We believe you must understand where your customers are in their lifecycle in order to understand their needs, communicate with them effectively and build a real lasting relationship with them.  Our lifecycle management tools help you do just that.  

Predictive CRM

Using our lifecycle management tools, we can provide alerts for individual customers who need to be proactively contacted or for customer contacts we can provide service staff with tips for ways that a specific customer may benefit from a little extra push toward a behavior that can make the difference between long-term use of your program and customer churn. 


Engage360 Program Dashboard

The Engage360 Program Dashboard is an enhanced program reporting and dashboard website application that uses bank-specific Key Performance Indicators and branding, so the health of each program is constantly at the bank’s fingertips.  It includes customer usage-based flags, notifications, ad-hoc usage reports, lifecycle reporting and KPI snapshots.

Behavioral Analytics

Engage dashboards provide at-a-glance as well as drill-down information about your users' success metrics and key performance indicators, with an eye on actionable ways you can improve customer use and retention of users to your card programs.

Usage Reporting

You will have access to program-wide statistics that give you all the insight you need to determine your program's health, by program, by user cohorts and by individual customer usage.


Engage360 CRM Tools

Engage360 CRM tools include at-a-glance features designed to give individual health reports on customer at various stages of their lifecycle.  These include proactive outbound message triggers and “leading indicator” warnings with Customer Service Tool (CSA), so agents are prompted with tips to help move customers back into more desirable card user statuses when interacting with cardholders.