Engage360 Platform

Our Engage360 Platform offers enhanced user experience features across your debit, credit and prepaid card programs.

Transaction Warehouse

A custom, unified database aggregates transactions across multiple processors, card-types and processing platforms to provide a fuller financial picture and provides a basis for creating enhanced dashboards and financial management tools for your customers.


High-Speed Transaction Retrieval

Enables real-time management of data and improves the user experience.

When it comes to helping your customers manage their finances, control their spending and protect their card usage, how quickly you can process and analyze transactions makes or breaks the user experience. 



Real-Time Activity Manager

Accounts are always up-to-date and insights are instantaneous.

Cardholders always know what was spend, when and where it was spent, immediately as it happens. From Spend Control to Enhanced Security features rely heavily on the Real-Time Activity Manager to enable features that both delight customers and give them real, lasting peace of mind.


Spend Control

Spend Control is a set of features that empowers cardholders by helping them understand, track and gain insight into their spending behavior.  When used together, the spend control features of the Engage360 Platform simplifies the effort of cardholders to take meaningful and lasting control over their spending habits.

Among the valuable features of the Spend Control system is that it has been designed to categorize and analyze transactions, identify spending trends, and interact with users in real-time. This real-time interaction offers your customers immediate tracking of transactions and feedback on spending. Users will enjoy real-time reports and notifications instead of a delayed reporting or occasional portfolio updates.

Spend Control gives your customers a budgeting tool that seamlessly plugs in to their daily lifestyle.  It’s uncomplicated, it’s intuitive, it’s real-time, it’s habit-forming, and best of all, it’s totally free.



Transactions are automatically categorized into spending categories.  For users, this takes virtually all the effort out of tracking where their money is being spent.  It also forms the foundation for an effortless budgeting system that has Spend Control at its core.

The automatic categorization forms the basis for virtual envelopes.  Those spending categories become a physical metaphor for and follow the same dynamic that makes the Envelope Budgeting System so popular.  Segmenting by spending buckets (envelopes) that are easily trackable makes it easy to understand and simple to use.  Auto-categorization means never having to set up a budget. Users just use their payment card, like they always have, along with the associated app and Spend Control does all the budgeting work for them.


Trends and Budgeting

Budgets are set after the first 30-days and are set automatically based on the cardholder's real world spending patterns.  There's no set up involved.  The cardholder just review the suggested budgets at the end of their first 30-days using Spend Control and either accepts the suggestions or makes changes by using a convenient slider tool that adjusts each budget category.  It's a simple and delightful way to set a budget because it requires virtually no effort to accomplish.

Trends are build in the Spend Control as a way for cardholders to track their budget performance over time and at a glance.  In a single screen, cardholders can see their 6 month, 30-day and overall average performance by spending category or overall.  These simple insights can make a huge difference in how your customers approach their spending behavior.


Intelligent Insights

Because of the real-time nature of the platform, complex analysis happens whenever a card is swiped.  In an instant, Engage breaks down spending patterns and trends and shares valuable insights, including: how much money is left to spend for the week if the cardholder wants to stay on budget for the month. 

Predictive Alerts

Careful analysis historical data combined with immediate access to current spending behavior gives Engage360 the ability to provide predictive spending insights to cardholders at both the category and merchant levels.


Enhanced Security

Think of Engage Enhanced Security features as "self-service card security."  The massive data breaches of the past year have raised consumers’ awareness of the need for improved data security and controls. When you combine consumers’ increased use and preference for self-service, the continuing advancement of mobile technology and the rapid growth of smartphone usage, payment card “remote controls” are fast becoming a preferred means of ensuring card security. With it, cardholders can now manage a full suite of controls from their mobile phones.


Instant Transaction Alerts

Cardholders know immediately when their card is used each time it's used.  There's no better fraud detection than a cardholder knowing immediately when their card is used somewhere it shouldn't be used.


Self-Service Lock / Unlock

Gone are the days when losing a card meant reporting it lost or stolen right away.  There's no more waiting for replacement cards to arrive.  Instead, customers can lock a card until it can be located and rest assured it won't be used.  People who want very tight security around their cards can lock them and unlock them before they use them.


Timed Security Lock / Unlock

Cardholders may set their cards to lock automatically after a purchase.  Unlocking a card for a specified period of time makes it usable, but the card returns to a locked state automatically at a predefined period of time -- making it useless for anyone but the cardholder.


Spend Limit Alerts

Cardholders who wish to keep tight reigns on their household budgets may choose to limit their spending in a single purchase by category.


Automated Dispute Process

If a cardholder ever discovers a charge that doesn't look right, they have access to tools, at the tap of a button, to initiate a dispute process.  Simplifying dispute resolution is a relief for anyone who finds themselves unsure about charges to their account.

Meta-Account Manager

Engage enables highly-configurable and customizable card programs in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort.


Multi-Program BIN Management

Unlike a relationship your bank may have with your processor, when you want to launch a new program with on the Engage360 Platform, you don't have to get a new BIN or worry about managing multiple BINs.  The Engage360 Platform is so flexible, you will be able to bring up new programs with different program features, settings and rules without having the headache of having to get a completely new BIN to manage them separately.


Flexible Account Heirarchy

Do you want multiple people to manage a single card number (like a student or dependent card)?  Do you want multiple card numbers to be managed by multiple people, but as one household budget?  Engage360 Platform is so flexible, you can customize the user flow, user hierarchy, account access, and purses/budgets to match whatever use-case best fits your customer's needs.  Say goodbye to rigid rules about how your payment cards and payment card programs are "supposed to work" and say hello to bringing programs to your customers that truly meet their unmet needs.


Cross-Platform Account Mapping

Is your Prepaid processor different than your debit and credit card processors?  The Engage360 Platform will connect all your processing platforms to our single Transaction Warehouse and Real-Time Activity Monitor.  For the first time, you can give your customers feature interoperability, even while employing different processors for different products.



Platform Architecture

How Does Engage Integration Work?