Services Overview

From systems integration all the way through level 2 customer support, we offer a wide range of services for program implementation and ongoing support.


Mobile App Development

Engage works with you to define, scope, build and deploy custom native apps that enhance your payment card programs.  Our usability experts work with you to design the right app with the right features in order to delight your customers and make your app an indispensable part of their daily life.

Custom native iOS, Android and other mobile platform applications

Engage develops mobile apps on iOS, Android and develops responsive HTML5 apps that appear native on all other devices and at all screen resolutions.

Core Mobile Banking App Integration

If you have a core mobile banking app and you would prefer to integrate Engage functionality into a single, comprehensive app.  Then we have you covered.  We have developed a set of simple APIs.  Just a few lines of code can unlock useful, delightful and in-demand new features in your mobile app and keep you ahead of the competition. 

Custom HTML5 / Responsive App development for omni-channel access

We develop HTML5 web views that make integration as simple as inserting pre-developed code snippets into your app.  Whether your customers are on the web, a tablet or on a mobile device, they will always get a custom interaction that looks as if their view was developed for the exact OS and device they are using.  


Website Development

Engage customizes web access for each bank’s cardholder needs by providing fully-branded websites to manage a cardholder’s account and features.

Custom Consumer Access Website

Responsive web design means your customers will have access to their important account information wherever they choose to access their account.  Engage integrates single sign-on across customer accounts and card programs, so that your customer's have seamless access to all services with one login and password.

Customer Service Portal

From contact ticketing, to simplifying, to pushing just-in-time customer insights, Engage develops a comprehensive customer service portal that connects customer service agents to your customers in a way that focuses on compliance, improving response times, increasing the likelihood of single contact resolution, and prompting agents to offer advice that increases future customer use and retention.

Custom In-Branch Websites

Engage can develop custom websites, connect to your in-branch teller systems, and create custom mobile apps for in-branch sales and customer onboarding.  With the right tools, your in-branch cross-sell opportunities can catapult your new programs to success.


IT Systems and Processor Integration

Engage works directly with the payment processor on behalf of the bank to integrate their processor platform into the Engage360 Platform.

Program Configuration

Engage will customize the Engage360 Platform to accommodate program
requirements specific to your needs and existing capabilities.  Those requirements include: Configuring specific program rules, setting up secure connections between you and the Engage platform, customizing the platform to accommodate your product portfolio, setting up high-speed transaction storage, and configuring your program specific links and domains.

Build, Connect, Test and Manage Web Services

Engage will integrate your existing card programs into the Engage FT Platform via web services for all core program functionality. The integration will facilitate easy card enrollment, display of DDA account balances, money transfers between payment cards, external transfers, ACH and wire transfers (as required), real-time alert handling,   Engage also works directly with your processor on your behalf to integrate the processor's platform into the Engage360 Platform.  On an ongoing basis, Engage connects, tests and manages all connections for your core systems and those of your processor partner(s), which may digital certificate setup, IP filters, VPN configuration, load testing and QA testing in all environments.  In short, we manage all the connections between all parties so you do not have to worry about them.


Engage360 Platform and Server Management

Engage will set-up and configure a separate instance of the Amazon AWS Cloud Based Service on behalf of the bank customer.

Set Up and Manage Custom Amazon AWS Cloud Server Instance

Engage brings up and manages your instance of the Engage360 Platform.  It is a fully unique instance, totally isolated environment, and 100% PCI-compliant. 


Mobile App and Website Management

Engage will manage the development, QA testing and deployment of all web and mobile assets on behalf of the bank on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing management of mobile app and web code bases

With Engage, there will never be a deploy and forget it situation.  We maintain the mobile and web code bases and regularly update both to keep up with changes in OS updates, as well as continually optimizing the web and native app experiences for your customers.


Engage360 Customer Support

Engage will manage program customer service calls and correspondence on behalf of the bank customer. This management will focus on maximizing consumer engagement, use and retention of the bank’s cardholders.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Call Center Operations

Engage Financial Technology call centers can handle all of your in-bound contacts for all your card programs with highly-trained personnel who understand your card programs and business.  Because the Engage call center operations are highly flexible, they can also handle overflow and hand-off calls for technical support, budgeting-related issues and higher-level support issues (tier 2.)

Internal Help Desk

Engage360 Customer Support extends to you, as well.  We will build and maintain an internal help desk to aid your team in getting the answers they need about the technology, the services, and other payment card program-specific questions quickly.

Documentation and Training

Engage provides custom documentation and training for all of your support staff, program implementation team, and program management team.  Documentation is always made available via help portal access and training is on-going and on-demand.


Account Level Fraud Management

Engage employs industry-leading fraud detection and management that exceed all compliance standards and provide an additional level of security for your payment card programs.

Industry-Leading Fraud Detection

We employ leading payment fraud prevention solutions delivering comprehensive visitor assessment, built on a powerful Global Trust Intelligence Network. Employing a sophisticated process to screen out fraudsters and hackers, we give customers and employees frictionless access to mission-critical activities from within multi-channel applications.

Custom Triggers to Detect, Alert and Reject Cases of Fraud

Creating a fraudulent account using stolen or false credentials can lead to devastating financial losses. Fraudsters and hackers often rely on fake accounts to gain access to web applications and perform reconnaissance before launching a cyberattack. We help you prevent malicious users from registering new accounts.  Additionally, we employ industry-leading tools to verify the authenticity of your customers when they conduct sensitive or high value activities, like accessing sensitive information, changing account details or executing banking transactions. 

Criminals use sophisticated techniques to hide their true location, and many banks become victims of such location spoofing – thus violating OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) regulations that prohibit transactions with specific countries, entities, or individuals. Our tools also help you comply with OFAC regulations by detecting false locations and revealing the true whereabouts of your customers.

Finally, our fraud management tools offer a powerful yet easily customizable policy engine that allows you to model your business process and incorporate your organization’s tolerance for risk and allows you to constantly evaluate and verify risk scores, associated risks, and corresponding business policies that make sense for your organization.